Located in the Cordillera Frontal of the Mendoza Andes, Cerro Aconcagua with 6962 meters of altitude, is the highest mountain in all of America. It is located within the Aconcagua Provincial Park. This mountain invites you to enjoy incredible treks to its various camps and high-altitude viewpoints, such as the Plaza Francia viewpoint and its impressive view of the southern wall of Aconcagua or the Plaza de Mulas base camp and why not the ascent to its summit.


Known as the Seismiles, there are 19 volcanoes along almost 200 kilometers that extend from the northwest of the province of Catamarca to the San Francisco Pass, on the border with Chile. The area is characterized by having very sparse vegetation, as well as groups of picturesque flamingos, wild donkeys and guanacos. Also, there are some water mirrors that, depending on the intensity and position of the sun, are shown in green, blue and reddish colors due to the reflection. Our expeditions in the area propose ascents to some of the peaks such as the Bertrand Volcano, the Cerro Falso Morocho, the San Francisco Volcano (6805 masl), the Inca Huasi Volcano (6640 masl), among others.


The Cordón del Plata is a mountain range of the Andes, located entirely in the departments of Tupungato and Luján de Cuyo, in the province of Mendoza. This cordon constitutes part of the Frontal Cordillera. Made up of very important peaks, it offers the possibility of ascents to hills of 4,000, 5,000 and up to almost 6,000 meters above sea level, such as Platita, La Cadenita, Adolfo Calle or Stepanek, Franke, Rincón, Vallecitos and Silver among others.


This mountain is part of a long mountain range which it gives its name, and which serves as a boundary largely between the provinces of Salta and Jujuy. Its main summit of 5896 meters above sea level, constitutes the highest elevation in the Province of Jujuy, and one of the highest in Salta. In this chain, apart from Chañi, other hills over 5,000 meters high stand out. The objective of the expedition is to try to ascend by the northwest route, to the Main Summit or Gral. Belgrano (5898 masl). We start from El Moreno, a small settlement in Jujuy located at (3600 masl), where you can appreciate the magnificent landscapes of the Argentine Northwest.


The Cordón de Ansilta, located in the Calingasta Valley - San Juan Province, has seven peaks between 5,100 and 5,900 m. With its 40 km of extension, it is one of the most beautiful and less traveled places for the practice of mountaineering within the Central Andes. Our expedition proposes to enter the Quebrada del Arroyo Fiero to set up the high altitude camps and try two of these beautiful summits, peaks 3 and 4, at 5,560 and 5,130 meters respectively.

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